P.O. Box: 5221, Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


Loyal Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd is a  highly experienced tourism Company licensed by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism (License No: 540 ).

We are IATA accredited company (IATA No: 1030251)

Since our opening in 1999, we have been practicing responsible tourism in Nepal.

We are active member of Nepal association of Tours and Travel Agents (NATTA).

We have a centrally located and fully equipped International & Domestic Air Ticketing office in Kathmandu.

We have our own independant Trekking/Adventure company called "Loyal Outdoor Adventures Pvt. Ltd". 

We own wide range of Vehicle fleets.

What We Offer 


We 0perate varieties of tour programs in different parts of Nepal. Our tour itineraries are beautifully designed which include culture, nature, and adventure.


Nepal Himalayas are the paradise for trekkers. We are highly ecperienced in arranging treks in Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region and Manaslu region. A part from these, we can also arrange  treks in Kanchanjunga, Panchpokhari, Rolwaling, Ganesh Himal, Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, Kanjiroba and Saipal Himal. 

MICE Tourism

Nepal is a ideal place for holding meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. We also offer these services. 

Other Adventure Activities

We are also specialized in other adventerous activities like  jungle safari, rafting, mountain flights, helicopter tours, bungee jumping, paragliding, ultra light plane tours, camping, motor biking, cyclyng etc in Nepal.

Special Interest Tour

We can also design special interset or personalized tours like Yoga, Meditation, photography, bird watching, Flora, fauna tours etc on demand. 

We offer Travel services for both Individual and Group travelers.

Our tour packages are mainly divided into 2 categories, Standard and Deluxe. Standard tours are based on using 3* hotels and deluxe tours are based on using 5* hotels.

On demand, we can also design both  economical and super deluxe packages.

We offer our packages with high standard of services using best available hotels, restaurants, guides, vehicles and drivers.

We use only highly experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Finally, everything we do, we do carefully, sincerely and faithfully.

Thank you!!


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